Sunday, January 17, 2010

Road Less Traveled

"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference."
- Robert Frost

So, I want to apologize if sometimes it seems like I talk about spirituality too much or like I'm being artificial.  If it's any consolation, I don't think I'm artificial, but I'm also a little biased, I suppose.  Honestly, I think I am too dependent on God not to talk about Him. He has made me to be totally needy, and so most of who I am is tied up in who He is.  Or at least... I try to be that way.

I wasn't exactly sure what to write about today... I guess I was slightly lacking creative inspiration for a while, but never fear!
I found some.
So, I kind of had a crazy night. I went to go pick my friend up about 10 minutes away, but I took the wrong turn a few times on the way there, thanks to Karen the GPS. Keep in mind, it's 11:00 and foggy and I'm tired. Great combo, right? Meanwhile, I'm talking to Logan on the phone (no comments, Mom or Lori), and my phone dies.  Great.  If you don't know me, I'm kind of famous for my thriving relationship with modern technology (ha! those of you who know me also know that there is no fact on this earth that is further from the truth).  Anyways, so I'm driving along, phoneless, in the foggy, misty nastiness, my fate in the hands of Karen the GPS to get me to my friend.  Karen didn't fail... I got there just fine, only to search for 20 minutes and find that my friend had already left.  So, I make my way home and get lost a few more times, making a typical 20 minute trip into a 60 minute one.
Little do I know that all of my friends are calling and texting everyone I know, telling them I jumped off a cliff or something ridiculous. Hey, at least they care.
Whew. Ok. Lots of words.
Well some of my friends were supposed to be at IHOP at this time, and so I get the bright idea to stop at some random IHOP far away from school in the belief that they would be there.
They weren't.
At this point, I'm frustrated and stressed and just want to teleport myself back to campus. So I just drive and pray that I'm going the right direction. I put on some good music, I jammed, and I absolutely loved the time alone! It was so nice to just drive and not even know or care where I was going.
The point is, why are we so stressed about figuring everything out? Why am I so stressed about figuring everything out? I just gotta drive and jam and I'll get there.
I hope you have peace this week.



  1. Hallie, don't apologize for talking about God's role in your life. It's only our culture that presses in on you and makes you feel the need to apologize. He is never displeased with your complete reliance on Him! And I happen to know a lady in Indiana who is pretty proud about it too! :)

  2. [...I just gotta drive and jam and I'll get there...]

    Isn't blogging so therapeutic? I love this. As soon as I figure out what I want to write about and I start getting my thoughts out there it's like the transform themselves into something beautiful. It's really quite amazing and artistically and mentally, I couldn't be more appreciative of it.

  3. Don't be surprised if your last line doesn't become a famous quote someday! I love that, "I just gotta drive and jam and I'll get there." And, I'm just glad to know that you still HAVE your phone; yes, it may need charged (that's normal), but at least it's not lost.