Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Good friends & good coffee.

I'm currently sitting at Cuppies and Joe with my best friend, Kara.
People, trust me on this, everyone needs a friend like her.
Recently one of my good friends returned from a semester abroad on our PacRim program which travels to China, Japan, New Zealand and Australia. (I am planning and hoping to take this trip next fall (: ). He asked me what my favorite part about my semester has been. I could honestly answer, for the first time in my life, that my favorite part has been my friends. They are too wonderful. I am filled with so much JOY when I'm around them!  For me, it is very uncommon that someone comes along who I never get tired of.  Kara, though, is one such uncommon friend. She is one of the most gentle, loving, selfless spirits I've ever met, and I thank God for her on a regular basis.
Here's one of my favorite pictures of she and I:
Just kidding here's one for real....
Of course we have coffee. We always do. Here's an equally (ok... maybe a bit more) cute picture of her and her wonderful boyfriend, Jacob. 
To you, this may be creepy. It may even be creepy to Kara. I just love her and I'm proud to be her friend! Here's to good friends and good coffee. I leave you with a little poetry by none other than Han-shan (yes, Logan, he's Chinese). 
High, high from the summit of the peak,
Whatever way I look, no limit in sight!
No one knows I am sitting here alone.
A solitary moon shines in the cold spring.
Here in the spring--this is not the moon.
The moon is where it always is--in the sky above.
And though I sing this one little song,
In the song there is no Zen.

Ok, just for the heck of it, some Rumi, too.
What I most want 
is to spring out of this personality,
then to sit apart from that leaping.
I've lived too long where I can be reached. 

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