Friday, December 24, 2010


 I like taking an idea - a single, small idea - and stretching and testing it until its wings spread far enough to soar on its own.  I think our Lord loves the same thing.  I have been thinking lately about how very artful He is.  We praise painters for their landscapes.  We honor artists for their work, but what kind of art is anything more than a cheap imitation of the Lord's handiwork?  As Logan and I drove home to a Nashville sunset over the rolling hills the other night, we considered the fact that no one looks at a Monet or a Picasso and says, "I bet they spilled the paint and came up with this."  Of course, if I said this to an art buff or a kindergardener, they would look at me like I was missing a head.  Why, then, isn't it crazy to think that this Earth - the inspiration for our creativity - was an accident, sheer coincidence, the mere spilling of paint?  I'm not one for apologetics... but the idea of considering God's masterpiece a mistake makes me squirm.
I believe that the Lord has some very difficult jobs: watching His loved ones reject Him and hurt themselves, giving Love even when no one wants it, mending the wounds that evil inflicts, etc.  But He also gets to handcraft the snowflakes.  He paints the sunsets.  He walks on waves and runs with clouds, and He looks at His Beloved with pride and joy as Jesus places His righteousness on our brokenness.

Merry, Merry Christmas to you all.  I pray that you are more aware than ever of His Love and Holiness this year.

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