Thursday, December 9, 2010


Mmmm.. who doesn't love Christmas?
I want to share with you a story about a woman I met at a vintage store in OKC. Props to AliRae for introducing me to the store and its awesomeness. If you know Ali (or if you don't), you should check out her blog here. She's great.
So, last week Ali told me about a wonderful little vintage boutique called
Bohemian Spirit Vintage - clothing, costuming & homewares in Oklahoma City, OK, photo #1Bohemian Spirit Vintage. Bohemian Spirit Vintage - clothing, costuming & homewares in Oklahoma City, OK, photo #3
It is ADORABLE and affordable. She has stuff from every time period and practically every region of the world! I got a precious red hat for $12. :)
Anyways. So, while I was shopping around, I overheard her explaining her Jesus statue to a little girl who came in with her mom. The little girl asked, "Is that Jesus or God?" The shop owner explained that we can't see or know what God looks like, and she gave the example of Moses coming down from the mountain. She asked the girl's mother if she was a Christian, and the mother replied that she was agnostic. The shop owner, feeling no right to tell the little girl that she was right and her mother was wrong, explained to the girl that some people worship Jesus, some worship Buddha, some Mohammed, and some no one at all. She told her that she loved Jesus very much, and He was her way. (I'm not looking for any discussions about pluralism.. it's just a part of the story).
When we were checking out, I told the owner that I also loved Jesus very much, and that I thought her explanation of Him was wonderful. Well, we ended up talking for just short of 30 minutes about her store and why the Lord called her to own a vintage shop. She said that her shop would be a lighthouse for people. Somehow, we started talking about Christmas, and she said one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard. I don't think I'll ever forget it. She said, "We have ruined Christmas, you guys. What is Christmas? It is a celebration of Jesus' birth. It's His birthday. Shouldn't we give to Jesus on His birthday? How do we give to Jesus? He said that whatever we have done for the least of these, we have done for Him. THAT is Christmas, girls. We've made it something horrible."
As tears welled in my eyes, I thanked her. And while I didn't tell her this, I knew that Jesus was using her to be a lighthouse for the people in Oklahoma City. She even said herself that something as little as owning a vintage shop seems insignificant to most. But she blessed me, and centered me, and showed me the Love of our Saviour.
I pray that the true Christmas Spirit will be with you, this season.


  1. Sounds like a fun shop! I like how she said Jesus was "her way," in light of the mother being there. Of course I don't feel that there is anything wrong with gift giving and family time, but it can get out of hand. It really is up to each one of us to make knowing God a priority in our daily lives. I'm glad people focus on Jesus this time of year but I have never celebrated it as "his birthday."

  2. She is such a wonderful spirit isn't she? We should do something nice for her. Like make her spice bread or something! I love this post Hal.