Thursday, June 24, 2010

Follow the Leader.

Little disclaimer: Most of these thoughts come from a video by Frances Chan.

God and His Son give a clear example of how disciples of Christ are to live.
Jesus says, "If any of you wants to be my follower, you must turn from your selfish ways, take up your cross, and follow me." -Matthew 8:34
When you were a kid, and you played follow the leader, you DID what the leader did. If the leader flapped his arms, you flapped your arms. You certainly did not say, "I will just sit here and flap my arms in my heart. Really, I promise, I'm flapping my arms on the inside." 
Imagine if your father asked you to clean your room. How impressed would he be if you came back to say, "Dad, I memorized what you said. I thought about cleaning my room, and I memorized exactly what you told me. Later today, me and some friends are going to have a study about what cleaning my room might look like." 
Of course he would NOT be impressed! 
We do the same thing with Jesus. He tells us to walk as He walks, and we simply sit and memorize, or we study, or we think. Jesus did not command us to think about what He said, He calls us to DO IT!


  1. haha, i love you hallie. you are wonderful

  2. Mmmm. You make me think. That's such a simple concept and unfortunately more true than not.

  3. Love that whole video! So convicting. Here is a response to your response on my blog-ha! (sounds complicated).
    I have realized a few things lately about this issue (that of generational differences). I started out thinking that the older generation wanted to be challenged and convicted. And I mean that in every way-through teaching, preaching, name it. I believe there are a few exceptions to what I am about to say, but I have been more and more convinced, through very difficult experiences, that they just don't. Caleb and I have begun teaching a summer series titled "The Church". Lots of stuff that he and I and you and our generation struggle with are on the topics list. We have been told more than a few times, to "Keep it toned down". "Just give people a solution. You can think outside the box, and challenge your young people, but when you speak on Sunday nights, you want people to walk away feeling good." I quickly realized that this was not an issue of what topics to be taught, or how to balance the two teaching styles, but one of changing an entire culture. That's where that last post came from. I was so frustrated by fact that I feel our generation might actually be right. That this isn't just the way our generation is learning, or just our generations "thing", but it is so much closer to what I think God had in mind for his church (I think this is much of why our generation is frustrated/starting new churches). All of that said, I think in cross-generational churches, in my opinion, (tons of them in the churches of Christ), the leadership must decide what they stand for (either appeasing both sides, or standing for THEY know to be true). I highlight THEY because no church will go beyond it's leadership. If the leadership is split on the issue, then that's how the church will continue to be (not a bad thing, just the facts). However, if the leadership decides they will seek out what kind of church God wants them to be regardless of which generation they please, some people will probably leave. The church must stop being in the business of pleasing people. As soon as the leadership starts doing some things that are unpopular, not to just piss some people off or make them leave, but because that's truly where they believe God is leading them, I believe the issue of generational differences will handle itself. This sounds like I want a church where everyone is the same and I hope that isn't what you got from this. There will be differing opinions, there will be differing viewpoints, but the issue will then become, how open those people are to truly trusting the Godly leadership he has placed there. Everyone has a opinion. There are a million churches to choose from...especially in Nashville. Church must become more about a community that gathers, and not a just a gathering of people. I could keep going, but i think this is long enough. I'll end with this. I think I am going to be frustrated about one issue or another my entire life. I've come to the conclusion that I'm not so sure it's frustration as much as it's a holy anguish. I think this is what God put inside of us. This longing/yearning/fight to become the unadulterated bride of Christ. God help us as we search.

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