Friday, April 29, 2011


Yesterday, I drove away from my second year of college and best year of life (so far). That means I'm halfway done with college (maybe). And for those of you who don't read between the lines, that means that time flies (especially when you're having fun). 
Yesterday, I spent the three-hour drive to Dallas in silence (mostly) in reflection of this year. It's overwhelming how blessed I've been. My friends, my boyfriend, my major, my family, my attitude have been transformed and blessed by God. I've prayed and prayed to see Him more and to know Him more, and this year, I couldn't deny His workings in my life and the lives of people around me. I'm sad to leave my friends at OC, but God has so much in store for the people I love this summer. 
Lemme give ya a little hint of what I mean by that:

This goofy girl is headed to Village of Hope in Ghana for a month to hang out with some precious baby orphans. 
This darlin' is headed to intern for the most hipster church in Tulsa. She'll fit in. 
This lovely lady will be spending her summer caring for a disabled man in Edmond. She's got a gift. 
My sweet wombmate is interning in downtown OKC at Capitol Hill. She loves those kids and they are going to love her even more than they already do. 
Cutie in the middle is traveling to Panama for eight weeks to give 'em some KoJack lovin'. I don't mean for that to sound inappropriate. 
This guy... he'll be in Arkansas all summer interning for West Ark CoC. I'll miss him, I guess. 
Little baby Kaci will also be interning, somewhere in TX...
And as for these two, they're goin' off and gettin' themselves hitched.

Needless to say, it's a pretty monumental summer for my friends. 
Can you tell I'm proud? 

Happy Summer. Let's make it memorable. 


  1. You keep pretty good company!! Says a lot about you. Have a great summer!

  2. these are all of my favorite girls!!! i hope you have a wonderful summer Hallie! i love you and am praying for you always!!! :D