Tuesday, September 7, 2010

And a side of CRAZY, please.

Well. The year has definitely begun. No doubt about that one.
School work, class work, work-outs, toomanyevents, club nights, sleepless nights, lazy days, crazy days, whirlwind, whiplash, SLOW DOWN!!
Whew. Thank you, blogworld, for letting me get that one out. I've needed to cyber-yell about the hecticness (yeah, it's a word) of the past two-ish weeks.

Sounds crazy, right? Well it is. And I am absolutely loving every last second of it.
Last year, I really struggled to be content at OC. I wanted to be anywhere else, doing anything else, helping people in the way that I thought was meaningful. Since this year has started though, I have been able to fall in LOVE with OC and the people here, and God is still working on instilling His passion in my heart for the people on this campus. This is my mission field this year! And now God is looking into my eyes asking, "Hallie, what are you going to do with what I've given you?"
Because He has given me a LOT. I feel so so so SO blessed. That kind of blessed where you can't help but cynically wonder, "What horrible thing must be coming? This is too good to be true."
Thank You, Jesus.

I have been meditating on this verse lately... it's pretty rockin'. I hope it sticks in your mind and heart like it has mine. It's from Song of Songs but I have no idea what chapter or verse.

"He brought me to His banqueting table, and His banner over me is LOVE." 


  1. Just found it, its Song of Songs 2:4

  2. Hallie! I wish we had talked about this last year. I struggled SO much with similar things. For me, there was a lot of fear and homesickness involved too, but I don't know how many times I called my friend Juli back home nearly screaming about how I felt like I had nothing to offer OC, and I wanted to be home, in the city, with my family--my mom, my brothers, y sister, and so on--who don't know Christ. I wanted to be where I KNEW I was at least making a difference...where I also felt endlessly blessed.

    Over the summer I realized I was being ridiculously closed hearted.
    Even in these two weeks since being here this year has been wonderful, I can't wait to meet new people and open my heart to the blessings here.

    Anyway, I love you. Let's talk more, friend.