Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Beloved, 
How are you today?
I am ready to hear from you whenever you want to talk.
I understand that maybe this week has been hard, 
and this upcoming week may be hard, too.
So I have a few things I want to tell you.
I see you. 
I know what makes you happy, what makes you laugh, what makes you anxious, what makes you angry, and what makes you cry - I created each of these things within you.
Not only do I see you... I am active in your life today.
When you see something, anything that makes you smile, remember the one who created that longing inside of you.
When you become anxious because of your circumstances, remember that I am right beside you, ready to pour peace and calmness over you.
I wish that you would not concern yourself with your future... I am taking care of it.
And for now, all I need you to do is listen to me in this moment.
I have incredible things in store for you, but the first thing you must do is step onto my feet and allow me to lead you, one step at a time, into my plan for your life. 
Most importantly, above everything else, please remember that I am your Lover, your Savior, your Healer, your Comforter, and your Friend, and I long for your whole heart. 

Always here.

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  1. thank you, hallie. I really needed to hear this today...